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#90 My Biggest Parenting Struggle

Season #2

Ready to reclaim your mornings from the clutches of chaos? Yes, you read that right. I'm back to talk about morning mayhem again! Episode #6 of Season 1 of the podcast was all about this topic, and here I am again, 84 episodes later, still battling the same beast. But hey, that's the beauty of parenting, right? It's a constant journey of growth and learning, and sometimes we have to revisit the same challenges over and over again.

Why I Chose This Topic (Again!)

There are a few reasons why I felt compelled to bring up morning mayhem once more.

  • I'm still in it myself: Let's be honest, mornings can be tough for everyone. But for parents of highly sensitive children or kids with ADHD, anxiety, or other challenges, they can be chronically chaotic.
  • Something is in the water: Maybe it's just coincidence, but I've been hearing from a lot of clients lately who are also struggling with mornings. So, I thought it would be helpful to share my own experiences and the strategies I'm using to try to tame the morning beast once again.
  • A chance to demonstrate the 3D Parent approach applied to a common challenge: I created the 3D Parent approach as a framework for helping parents navigate the challenges of raising complex children. And what better way to showcase it than by applying it to a real-life problem I'm facing myself?

Dive deep into Episode #90 where I tackle the common challenge of difficult mornings head-on armed with The 3D Parent Approach! You'll discover practical strategies, insightful tips, and a healthy dose of empathy to help you transform your mornings from battlegrounds to blissful beginnings.


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