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Beaven Walters is the founder of The 3D Parent—a supportive and nurturing champion for bringing dignity, direction and deep connection to family relationships. She has always had a calling to work with children and their families. After receiving a BA in Education from Washington State University, Beaven began her professional career as an elementary school teacher and taught in a variety of educational settings for 10 years. 

Beaven's professional focus made a shift towards supporting parents in their parenting journeys, largely inspired by her personal experience after becoming a mother. This led her to earn a certification as a parent coach through The Academy of Coaching Parents International (ACPI). Since her initial certification, Beaven has furthered her study of child development, attachment-theory, and neuroscience research through The Neufeld Institute.

Before founding The 3D Parent, Beaven served as a parent coach for over five years with Northwest Family Therapy before transitioning to her independent practice at The 3D Parent. In her parent coach practice, Beaven provides individualized one-on-one support for parents struggling with various challenges including navigating family conflict, childhood aggression, inconsistent discipline practices, school-related problems, parenting tweens/teens, etc.  Beaven's specialization is making sense of highly sensitive "spirited" children and supporting parents in understanding how to help children with this temperament thrive.

In addition to providing parent coaching services, Beaven hosts the The 3D Parent Podcast, runs The 3D Parent Village membership community, leads parenting workshops and classes, is a public speaker on parenting topics, and is a regular guest contributor on Seattle's NBC News affiliate, King 5 News, during a segment entitled, "Decoding Parenting."

In addition to her work, Beaven can often be found on stage performing in regional theatre, volunteering in her community on social justice and performing arts committees, and acting as "CEO" to her four active kids. Beaven and her family love to travel and to connect with nature  while recreating in the beautiful Pacific Northwest they feel fortunate to call home.


 The 3D Parent Approach IS... 

  • A holistic approach to parenting informed by research in developmental psychology, attachment theory, and neuroscience.   
  • A powerful paradigm-shift away from “mainstream” parenting strategies that don't work and towards an connection-based, intuitive approach that promotes true maturation, resilience, and healthy emotional growth in both parents and their children.

The 3D Parent Approach is NOT...

  • A 1-size-fits-all parenting strategy with tips, tricks, and overly-simplified solutions that often lead to increased frustration in both parents and children.
  • An approach based on coercion, manipulation, fear, or other relationship-damaging discipline practices.

ABOUT THE 3D Parent Model:


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