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The 3D Parent is a Seattle based company that is bringing dignity, direction, and deep connection to family relationships. The 3D Parent services include individual parent coaching, classes, and public speaking on topics related to parenting. The 3D Parent goal is rooted in fundamental human values, giving you the confidence to trust your instincts and make the best choices for your children. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation to see how we may assist you.

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Beaven Walters is the founder of The 3D Parent—a supportive and nurturing champion for bringing dignity, direction and deep connection to family relationships. She has always had a passion for working with children and their families. Beaven began her professional career as an elementary school teacher and taught in a variety of educational settings for 10 years. 

Between having her four children, Beaven and a close colleague developed an educational program for young children and their caregivers called GEM Tots which focused on connecting children to their caregivers by learning, playing and exploring together. Beaven also created CharacterWorks, a Social/Emotional Learning program that ran for three years in the Seattle School District combining character education, performing arts, and parental support. 

Before founding The 3D Parent, Beaven served as a parent coach and continues her partnership with Northwest Family Therapy. She meets with clients one-on-one to help support them in their parenting journey. Beaven has spent the past decade working as a parent educator working with both new and experienced parents on challenges including navigating conflict, adjusting to life with a newborn, handling school-related challenges, managing the teenage transition, etc.

Beaven focuses on helping parents build stronger relationships with their children. In addition to coaching one-on-one with clients, Beaven runs parenting workshops, speaks on a variety of topics relevant to parenting and is a regular guest on local stations.

Beaven is an Academy of Coaching Parents International (ACPI) Certified Parenting Coach and has a BA degree in Education from Washington State University. In addition to The 3D Parent, Beaven is often found on the stage performing in local regional theater, singing and spending time with family.

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Client Testimonials

"I’ve learned so much from The 3D Parent and now have strategies and tools to be empowered during
this critical time. "

Paula (mother of three)

"I want Beaven on speed dial to help guide me."

Gina (mother of two)

"Thanks to The 3D Parent, I’m more prepared and confident in developing a strong relationship with my daughter."

Erin (mother of two)

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