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#89 Parenting with Dignity in Discipline Part 2

Season #2

Are you drowning in the sea of guilt about past parenting choices, or minimizing their impact by saying "I turned out fine"? Stop! Both extremes do your child a disservice. This episode of The 3D Parent Podcast dives deep into the the three phases of Discipline with Dignity: Proactive Discipline, Active Discipline, and Retroactive Discipline. Together, we'll learn how to build a secure connection with your child, navigate challenges together, and set healthy boundaries without resorting to drama. 

Here's what you'll discover on this jam-packed episode:

  • Why minimizing past hurts doesn't help: Unhealed wounds can impact your child unconsciously, affecting their emotional development and future relationships.
  • The ultimate goal of 3D parenting: Foster authentic maturity, healthy emotional development, and a secure, deeply connected relationship with your child.
  • The power of proactive discipline: Get ahead of conflicts by building trust and connection with your child. Learn the "Connect before Direct" strategy and watch those power struggles fade away.
  • Setting structures and rules: Establish clear expectations around common areas of conflict, avoiding future frustration.
  • Talking through challenges: Prepare your child for situations that might be tricky, reducing anxieties and promoting positive choices.
  • Active discipline for tough moments: When your child needs a firm limit, learn the Adaptive Cycle framework and use your authority to help them adapt to frustration with resilience.
  • Incident management without parental escalation: No more yelling or threats! Discover "The 3 Do's of Incident Management": 1)Do no harm, 2)Do take charge, and 3) Do circle back later when emotions are calm.
  • Retroactive discipline: Repair and reflection: Learn the "Circle Back Conversation" to address past problems, build remorse, and encourage responsibility.

Congratulations, parents! You've completed The 3D Parent Bootcamp. I hope you're feeling inspired and empowered to apply The 3D Parent model in your parenting journey. Remember, you have everything within you to provide what your child needs to grow, mature, and flourish.


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