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#87 Parenting with Deep Connection

Season #2

Are your kids acting out, withdrawing, or just not quite themselves? It might be a sign they're starving for connection. Beyond food and water – a deep, secure bond with you is the greatest need your child has, and it's more crucial for their well-being than you might think. In this episode, I'll dive into the second "D" of The 3D Parent Model: Deep Connection.

You'll discover:

  • Why attachment is the secret weapon of emotional health: Maslow had it wrong, folks! This isn't just about basic needs; a secure connection with you paves the way for stronger self-esteem, resilience, and even academic success.
  • The 6 stages of attachment: From seeking physical contact as a baby to wanting to share their deepest secrets as a teen--this framework helps you understand your child's evolving needs.
  • Is your child's connection cup running empty? Learn to recognize the signs of insecure attachment, from clinginess to withdrawal, and discover what you can do to turn things around.
  • Actionable steps to deepen your connection: No more vague advice! I'll give you practical tips for every age, from simple rituals and "special time" to navigating the tricky world of teenage communication. 

This isn't just another parenting podcast. It's a blueprint for building a foundation of love and security that will last a lifetime. So ditch the screens, put down the to-do list, and tune in to the episode that could change everything for your family. More than just parenting tips, this episode is a call to action. It's time to prioritize connection and break the cycle of relational connection starvation that so many children experience. By investing in this crucial bond, you're not just building a stronger relationship, you're contributing to the conditions which will result in a thriving, resilient adult.

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