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Season #1 Episode #61

“You're going to make a change. It's going to be uncomfortable. You're going to maybe not know what to do at times.”


This week on the 3D Parent Podcast, I’m outlining the 5 steps of the 3D Parent reset. These steps will help you give your parenting a reboot in the New Year. This can really make an incredible difference for your family and for the way that you parent. 



We will go over topics such as:

  • Taking a one week to detox from punishment and to up your connection game
  • Really listening to your children and keeping your responses to a minimum 
  • Inserting more joy into your family routines


My hope is that this episode gives you a framework you can use as the start of revolutionizing your parenting and family dynamic. You can take your family in a direction that is aligned with your values. 


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