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Season #1 Episode #73

Today’s episode of The 3D Parent Podcast is based on a question-- “What makes a good parent?” I recently learned that the number one searched question on the internet when it comes to parenting is “how to be a good parent.” I’m really curious how we define good parenting and how we judge whether we are or aren’t good parents. In today’s episode, I want to define what makes a good parent and hopefully provide you with some relief that you are, despite your challenges, a good parent. 


Some points we’ll discuss include:

  • What makes a good parent (and who defines this)
  • Embracing real-life “non-Instagrammable” moments
  • How to end perfectionism and trust yourself 


If you’ve googled “how to be a good parent,” please know that I am 100% confident that you already are. Stop worrying about how you or your kids compare and measure up, and remember that parenting is a journey to embark upon, not a race to be won. That journey is sure to come with many twists and turns, complications, and surprises. So trust that journey, and trust yourself. 


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