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Why Don’t My Kids Listen (and How Do I Fix This)?!

Season #1 Episode #80

In this episode of The 3D Parent Podcast, I’m talking about why kids don’t listen to their parents. This is an issue I hear many parents talk about in my coaching practice, and I also have personal experience with this issue as a mother of four children. Parents often assume that kids don’t listen because they are being disrespectful or lack discipline. But it’s actually an issue with how parents communicate. 

Points we’ll discuss include:

  • The reasons children don’t listen
  • How parents can fix the issue

We all would love our children to do what we say just because we are the parent. But it doesn’t work like that. And ask yourself: do you like to be ordered, threatened, punished, or lectured? Neither do your kids! A relationship-focused approach to communicating with your kids is always better and sets them up for respectful communication with others in the future.

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