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Uneven Distribution of Emotional and Mental Labor in Parenting Partnerships

Season #1 Episode #82

In this episode of the 3D Parent Podcast, I’m discussing the uneven distribution of emotional and mental labor and how this impacts parenting partnerships. Emotional and mental labor is the work required for both logistical and psychological aspects of families. It doesn’t usually affect marriage partnerships until after couples have children. And the sad truth is that typically, one person in a marriage is doing the majority of the work. In heterosexual couples, it’s usually women. In the episode, I’ll illustrate what this unequal division looks like and how it can impact your family.

Points we discuss include:

  • Examples of emotional and mental labor
  • Who takes on the work
  • The impacts of the unequal distribution of labor
  • What to do about it

Carrying the majority of mental and emotional labor for your family is exhausting, but the first step to changing it is awareness of it. I encourage you to talk about this issue and share this episode with people you care about to get the discussion going. I hope that this episode validates your experience and gives you some tools for starting to shift the unequal balance.

I’ll see you back here after the summer break! Stay tuned for some exciting and fresh content in August. Have a great summer vacation.

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