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My goal is to provide you with tools that help inform, empower and boost your confidence as a parent so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family.  Parenting is challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to guide you through the 3D Parent approach to parenting, so you can stop struggling and start celebrating all of the time you have with your children.

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Have Yourself A Merry Covid Christmas

May 18, 2021

“This is the year where you can be making, baking, watching things and reading things because you're not as scheduled and you have more time. Let's take advantage of the benefits that come from a less scheduled holiday season.”


This week on the 3D Parent Podcast, I will be talking about alternative ways to have yourself a merry COVID Christmas this year. With the restrictions in place, this year's Christmas surely won't feel the same. That doesn't mean families can’t get creative and find new ways to still experience the magical holiday spirit!


We will go over topics such as:

  • New activities families can explore to create new holiday traditions
  • Creative turnarounds to still enjoy traditional holiday activities while maintaining safety and keeping social distancing
  • Possible ideas to get you started on your very own holiday bucket list


With lockdowns and safety restrictions, the holidays don't seem so fun and exciting as before. Thankfully, there are many resources for us to explore so that we can keep our family safe and still celebrate holidays with joy and excitement.



Things You Will Learn

[01:54] Today's episode is called "Have Yourself a Merry COVID Christmas". We will talk about how to create magic and fun when we can't do the traditional holiday activities. The tips and suggestions given in this episode could also be applicable regardless of the type of holiday you celebrate at this time of the year.

[04:24] My first suggestion to have a merry COVID holiday this year is to find a holiday-themed light display within your city or nearby cities. This type of attraction is now available through a magical drive through experience which guarantees physical distancing in between families. Make sure to buy tickets online ahead of time. Not only would you limit the amount of contact during the visit, you could also secure your slot when you buy tickets ahead of time. Remember that companies are offering a limited number of tickets to limit the number of people in the vicinity and to maintain social distancing.

[05:41] There are also free light shows depending on the neighborhood and city you're living in, so be sure to check that out too!

[08:52] Another holiday tradition is Santa visits and Santa pictures. Obviously, sitting on Santa's lap is a big no-no this year. Fortunately, there are some creative alternatives for physical distancing such as Santa behind Plexiglass or Santa in a snow globe so kids could still talk to him and take pictures. Just remember to check ahead to see if the company is strictly following the COVID safety standards.

[11:33] Another alternative to visiting Santa is to book Zoom appointments with him! With crazy creative backgrounds available in Zoom, you can now meet him even in his own home at North Pole! Of course, other traditions could also be maintained like sending handwritten letters to Santa.

[12:37] Giving back during the holiday season could also be a big tradition for families. After all, it’s the season of giving. However, typical volunteer opportunities are limited this year. So here are some alternatives to keep this tradition alive:

  •       Hosting your very own food drive.
  •       Encouraging neighbors to give their extra resources through personalized letters and pick up the food items at the front door in a specific time.
  •       Do an online research to see what volunteer organizations are offering/suggesting as an alternative for volunteering activities.

[16:35] Spending the holidays outdoors is not completely off the books. Staying at home for so many months could take a toll for family members. Why not explore creative ways to safely spend time outdoors? Just remember to take note of the following:

  •       Make sure that the outdoor location is properly ventilated and large enough to maintain social distancing. Also, double-check ahead of time if the company is strictly following COVID safety protocols.
  •       If possible, rule out any gathering with friends and keep the invites within close family members only.
  •       Prepare for the cold weather!
  •       Wear your masks! And wear them properly.

[17:43] If your family loves holiday art productions as much as we do, there is still a way to enjoy holiday performances even with COVID restrictions. Local art organizations are now offering digital streaming services this holiday season, so be sure to check that out. Aside from preserving a well-loved tradition, this is also an opportunity to help out production companies whose revenue has been hit hard by the pandemic.

[20:59] Similar to the idea I mentioned in Episode 35: Summer Success During Covid-19 Pandemic, families could also try to create a bucket list as a fun, yet safe, activity this coming holiday season. To get you going on your very own holiday bucket list, here are some activities to start off:

  •       Holiday-themed movie night
  •       Old-school holiday crafts such as holiday decorations and/or homemade ornaments
  •       Cooking and baking holiday-themed recipes
  •       Making reusable fabric gift bags
  •       Family read aloud involving holiday-themed stories

[25:19] Music can also be a big part of holiday celebrations for some families including mine. Unfortunately, singing indoors has been identified as one of the high-risk activities during the pandemic.  But that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy music in this season! Almost everything is digital these days, so why not arrange a Zoom holiday talent show where you can sing along with other family members and present different talents to each other.

[28:26] My lovely friend Misha Perritt, who is also an incredibly talented interior decorator, party planner, and brand graphics designer, shared a holiday activity idea: Holiday Door Drop. The idea behind this is to put together a festive bag full of crafts, activities, and treats and then drop them off on someone's door. This way, you'll spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood, family, or friends and even have a chance to start a new fun tradition!



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Misha Perritt: Seattle Party Stylist, Interior Stylist / Brand Stylist, Party Blogger 

Quotes From Episode 58

“It's a real different year for us and for all of you as well. So, I wanted to come up with a short episode and give you some thoughts and ideas to start some new traditions or just do something different this year given the restrictions.”

“Families are trying to stay physically distant but still connect to one another as families and beyond.”

“If you're lucky enough to have a World of Illumination holiday display in your city, look it up and check it out. It's the best of the best. Just an incredible opportunity to do a drive through light display.”

“Every family has to make their own risk assessment if holiday activities are worth doing this year.”

“There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer, and you may not even know what those are. So my suggestion is to do a search for a type of volunteer database online which will connect volunteers with various opportunities in your area.”



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My goal is to provide you with tools that help inform, empower and boost your confidence as a parent so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family.  Parenting is challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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