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Halloween Costume Crisis?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Choosing a costume can be the most fun part of Halloween preparations, but what if you’ve waited until the last minute? It can be downright frightful. The creativity of what to select and gathering materials all of a sudden becomes stressful. What if a brand new costume is not in the budget? What if you care about the environment and don’t want extra fabric and plastic along with all the other overwhelming amounts of textiles landing up in landfills? Don’t stress out, friend, I have a story for you.

About eight years ago, my oldest daughter couldn’t make up her mind about what she wanted to be for Halloween. First, it was a unicorn, then a mummy, and then a puppy. At the eleventh hour, the weekend before Halloween, she told me she finally knew what she wanted to be—a haunted hot air balloon. Huh? At first, I thought, where on earth can I buy one of those costumes? Not on this planet. Of course, realistically, buying was not an option. So, we got creative.

Step one was that I asked my daughter to draw her vision, and then we made a list of supplies. Most items we already had on hand, including a large cardboard box, wooden dowels, brown paint and fabric. Then we took a quick trip to the local dollar store for various scary Halloween décor items like skulls and skeletons. We found a hand-me-down mummy costume through a friend and put it all together to make the costume pictured here.

Guess who wanted to be a transformer? That’s right, my son—the other child in the photo. The beauty, though, was mentioning this to a friend who told me she already had a transformer costume we were welcome to have. So the lesson here is that taking the time to make your own costumes with your children or ask friends for help offers several benefits. You don’t have to break the bank or be environmentally thoughtless when helping your child’s Halloween costume dreams come to fruition.

Here are a few tips on Halloween costumes you can pull together at the last minute:

  • Host a costume swap with the neighborhood or school friends.

  • Post on your local “Buy Nothing” group, your child’s class email list, your personal Facebook page and describe what costume you are looking for (if your child has a particular idea in mind) or just share your child’s size and see if anyone has a costume you can use.

  • Think outside the box (or plastic packaging) by pulling together a creative costume idea with items you already have on hand. So many great ideas can come from recycled material like paper bags, boxes, bubble wrap, and more.

  • If you do buy a new costume, go for quality so the outfit can be washed and reused. It may just become a new favorite dress-up costume.

You can find a link to my recent King 5 segment on the topic of Halloween here.

I’d love you to share your stories and photos of eleventh hour Halloween prep, creativity and what worked well for you. #creativehomemadehalloweencostume Tag @The3dparent on Instagram or send drop me a line at: Have a fun and safe Halloween! #creativehomemadehalloweencostume #the3dparent

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