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Welcome to the 3D Parent Podcast! I’m Beaven Walters, your host and guide on this crazy and fulfilling journey as a parent.


As a certified parent coach, parent educator and mom of 4 children, I am passionate about helping parents navigate the tough stuff while maintaining dignity, direction and deep connection in your family relationships.  I have spent over 10 years teaching in a variety of educational settings with multiple age groups, and now I am delighted to bring those experiences to you at home. Throughout this podcast, we will cover topics such as tantrums, sibling conflict, screen time overload and transitioning into the teenage years.


My goal is to provide you with tools that help inform, empower and boost your confidence as a parent so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family.  Parenting is challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.


I am here to guide you through the 3D Parent approach to parenting, so you can stop struggling and start celebrating all of the time you have with your children.

This Week On The Podcast:

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Podcast Archive:

...introduction to my background, my passions and how parenting with dignity, direction and deep connection can change...

Welcome to Becoming a 3D Parent

... disciplining your children through your connection and creating a safe environment for them to work through their emotions ...

Discipline with Dignity

... topics that come up include cultivating gratitude with your child, handling behavior changes as your kids start to grow and mature, and helping your children learn to navigate speaking up for themselves.

Q & A - Your Questions Answered

... we discuss her story of parenting so far, and one of her current challenges as a parent: addressing fears at bedtime.

Parent Coaching: Fears at Bedtime

... I share my personal struggle with my child and her homework, and the steps I took to remove myself from the homework equation in an effort to help her become an independent learner ... 

Solutions to Homework Hassles

... will also touch on working through anxiety in children and tips for dealing with the “it’s not fair” argument.

Q & A - Your Questions Answered

I will take you through different kinds of open ended play for young children, tween and teens and even adults (yes we need play too!).  I will also give you some guidance ... 

The Power and Importance of Play

...your child’s behaviors from a behaviorist perspective vs. a developmentalist perspective, and how to start making the transition to nurture their...

What is the 3D Parent Approach?

...creating connection with her students and how to utilize that connection when working through a situation that requires discipline.

The Parent/Teacher Partnership with Guest Meghan Lanouette

...discuss language you can use with your child to help them work through their emotions and depersonalize retraining them if necessary.

Understanding Childhood Aggression

... we dive into helping your children understand the process behind giving a genuine apology ... the key is to give the child time to process through their initial emotion ....

Say You're Sorry! Encouraging Genuine Apologies in Kids

... we are going to be focusing today’s episode around working through childhood aggression toward parents and a nanny or caregiver.

Parent Coaching: Aggression Towards Nanny

... we will be discussing tips and tricks to make that trip to the store more manageable and avoid those meltdowns.

Meltdown-Free Shopping Trips with Kids

...we’ll discuss in depth the different stages of attachment and what stage looks like.

Cultivating a Deep Connection with Our Children

... create a smooth transition from sleep, to a morning routine and getting out the door and on your way for the day.

Managing Morning Mayhem

... we are going to talk about cultivating intrinsic motivation in your children to accomplish a task or goal.  I want you to keep in mind, this is different than nagging them, or threatening to take something away...

Encouraging Motivation in Kids

... topics that I will be covering include, separation anxiety when transferring children between parents who may be separated or divorced, transitioning a young child from a crib to a “big kid” bed, and screen time.

Q & A - Your Questions Answered

... my best tips and tricks to help you gut check yourself as a parent, as well as giving you a glimpse into my everyday life as a parent ...

Parent Coaching: Confessions of a Parent Coach Who is in the Parenting Trenches

We will discuss some of the events leading up to this, her daughter's history with potty training, and any changes that may be relevant to this setback.  Then I will help Gini develop a plan ... 

Parent Coaching: Potty Training Setbacks with a 5 Year Old

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