Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a parenting coach and what can you as a coach do for me?

As a parenting coach, I help you find solutions to issues that are bothering you in your relationships with your child(ren).  I help to hold you accountable to the strategies you are trying within your parenting. I am here to celebrate your successes as well as your challenges as you navigate your journey as a parent.  Most of all, I am your biggest fan and supporter as you challenge yourself to make tough choices and brave changes with your parenting.

How is parent coaching and different than counseling or therapy?

It is important to make the distinction between counseling and therapy so there is no confusion about what to expect through the coaching relationship. Coaching is focused on collaborative problem solving and making positive changes to improve the harmony in the family unit.  As your parent coach, I will work with you to come up with a plan to address your most nagging parenting challenges. Issues that are not in my scope of training as a parent coach include dealing with issues of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, eating disorders, cutting, suicidal thoughts, or self harm. Those issues are better dealt with face to face therapy from a counselor.  If issues arise during our work together which indicate that counseling would be beneficial, I am happy to make a referral to a counselor who is better able to help on these matters.

Are you available for workshops or speaking events?

The 3D Parent is available for workshops and speaking events. Please inquire via our contact form on the site or contact

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