I am so happy you have found the 3D Parent Podcast.  My name is Beaven Walters, and I am your host. Before I created the 3D Parent, I spent over 10 years teaching in various educational settings.  I have always had a passion for working with children. After my first child was born, and not too long after my second, I discovered I was truly passionate about parenting in a way that worked for my children.  So, I became a certified parent coach to help not only myself, but other parents who were struggling through a tough season in parenting just like me.


This podcast was created with the parent in mind.  I am going to be covering the 3D Parent method and systems, so you can gain tangible tools to help you bring dignity, direction and deep connection to your family dynamic.  My goal is to help you become the most confident parent you can be, and feel empowered in your parenting choices.


[0:43]  We cannot force our children to develop internal drive and motivation.  What we can do is help our children develop interests drives and passions to support the development of motivation.


[1:12]  The first tip I have is to be aware of overscheduling your child.  They can become so scheduled they don’t have time to develop interests and passions.  So creating free time and screen free time is really important.


[2:48]  Essentially, you want to create time for your child to get bored.  This is going to be uncomfortable and frustrating for them. I encourage you to not jump in right away, but give them the opportunity to come up with something to entertain themself.


[6:10]  Other ways to inspire motivation is to become more tolerant of noise and mess.  Why? Because this is evidence of creation. This is what we want.


[7:13]  It may be helpful to introduce open ended creative material.  This might look like a craft station or blocks.


[9:40]  How can you help them if they are really stuck and aren’t sure where to start with play?  Start asking yourself and your child specific questions. What motivates them? What interests them?  What lights them up? What do they want? If you can determine what they want, you can help them define a goal to achieve that and then support them in that goal.


[16:56]  So now we can help motivate them with fun things, things they enjoy.  But what about motivating them for things like chores and cleaning? One way is to allow them to face the consequences of not keeping up with the chores.  It can be uncomfortable to clean up the accumulated mess, and may motivate them to keep up with it in the future.

[19:50]  Another thing you could do is help your children set up an incentive for completing a task they may not love.  For example, let them see how you promise yourself a treat if you complete a task you dislike, like doing the laundry.


[21:28]  Remember it is also okay to offer yourself as a resource if they get stuck with developing a goal or incentive on their own to help keep them motivated.  You can walk them through the process of setting their goals and support them through achieving them.


“You cannot place motivation inside your child.  This is something that has to develop internally … I'm talking about that internal motivation, that intrinsic motivation that we want to see in our kids.”


“The importance of having this screen free, under scheduled, downtime where you have not provided a solution is that it's going to lead to play on the other side. Inspiration usually follows boredom.”


“If you're trying to force motivation by nagging them, threatening them with punishments or giving them bribes to try and get them to be motivated, you're not actually helping them develop this intrinsic self-motivation, which is really key here.”


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the 3D Parent Podcast.  Do you have a parenting question for an upcoming episode? I would LOVE to connect with you and answer your questions.  Please share your parenting question here!

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