I am so happy you have found the 3D Parent Podcast.  My name is Beaven Walters, and I am your host. Before I created the 3D Parent, I spent over 10 years teaching in various educational settings.  I have always had a passion for working with children. After my first child was born, and not too long after my second, I discovered I was truly passionate about parenting in a way that worked for my children.  So, I became a certified parent coach to help not only myself, but other parents who were struggling through a tough season in parenting just like me.


This podcast was created with the parent in mind.  I am going to be covering the 3D Parent method and systems, so you can gain tangible tools to help you bring dignity, direction and deep connection to your family dynamic.  My goal is to help you become the most confident parent you can be, and feel empowered in your parenting choices.


[1:32]  Questions 1: How to cultivate gratitude in children and avoid the me, me, me default, without the often accompanying feelings of shame, guilt or self-neglect?


  • [2:03]  There is a lot of research that supports gratitude and gratitude practices as having a huge impact not only on our emotional health and well-being, but also on our physical health.

  • [2:44]  Tips to help incorporate gratitude include modeling by the parent, and creating a daily routine, perhaps before bed, around being thankful.


[8:43]  Questions 2: How to handle a sudden change in a child’s behavior and attitude?


  • [9:30]  The first thing we need to do as parents, is to get rid of the notion that kids grow up into teenagers and suddenly reject and rebel against their parents.

  • [11:12]  The child’s behavior in this scenario, and all scenarios, is acting as a form of communication for your child.  Instead of responding with punishment, try to meet them where they are, acknowledge their feelings and search for the root of the behavior.

  • [12:57]  In these situations it can be very beneficial to model calm and respect.  Your child will reflect this back to you and you’ll get less disrespectful behavior coming back to you.


[17:28]  Question 3: How can I help my child stand up and assert their feelings on their own?  How can I instill confidence in my child and give them the tools to help with this?


  • [20:50]  A big point you can make with your child is that your child is not responsible for the other children’s feelings.  Enforce how kind it is that she cares so much, but that she doesn’t need to fix how others feel. If your child is very empathetic, you may even appeal to your child by saying how by not trying to fix their emotions, you are helping them learn how to handle them.


[23:44]  Lastly, I want to touch on the importance of consent, the language around consent, and consulting consent to play with another child or to give someone a hug.  I have included a link to an article in the resources that provides more information, and I will also most likely address this in a future episode.


“The rose would be something that you're grateful for, something that happened that was wonderful or beautiful in your day. And the Thorn is something that was maybe hard or something that was difficult. So processing those kinds of highs and lows of the day through a little ritual of ok everybody goes around and share your rose and your thorn could be another way of showing and expressing gratitude in connecting with your entire family.”


“I want to encourage you, the 3D parent podcast listener, to collectively reject this notion that we've come to accept as normal in our society, as normal in our culture, that kids grow up into teens who hate and reject their parents. That is just not true.”


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the 3D Parent Podcast.  Do you have a parenting question for an upcoming episode? I would LOVE to connect with you and answer your questions.  Please share your parenting question here!

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